Saturday, May 24, 2014



  1. Unless you conduct legal public elections in every district, the delegates will not be deemed to represent anyone but themselves. This is what happened with Continental Congress 2009. Almost none of the delegates shared anything like a common understanding of how to make any reforms that could work. Nor were the delegates persons of the stature of the Framers. Indeed, there is no one alive in this country today of that stature. This effort, even if by some miracle it can come up with something of merit, will be ignored by anyone that matters.

    And the numbers on the district maps are mostly unreadable. Very amateurish work.

  2. We will have a means of conducting elections in every district, which will be very creditable.

    I disagree with your statement that there is no one alive of comparble stature to the Founders.

    Your pessimism is an unhappy affliction. Cheer up andjoin the good fight!